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Soul food - nourishment beyond nutrition

Soul food - this was an interesting topic that came up in the Balanced Mom Method Mother’s Circle a few weeks ago.

I do 1:1 postpartum coaching but I REALLY love doing circles and group work. Why? Because of the richness and depth of the conversations that we have.

There is something so magical about witnessing the topics and discussions that come from a group of mothers exploring some deep topics while traveling through their healing journey together.

For example - a few weeks ago we were having a discussion around food.

I asked the question:

What is one of your favourite foods from your childhood or one special food your family may have prepared or still prepares that is unique to your family?

We talked about how these foods made us feel.

We talked about how these foods connect us to something bigger than ourselves - our family, our culture, receiving love and being nurtured.

We talked about how those foods nourish us beyond just nutrients and calories but nourish us on a SOUL level.

What would a “soul food” be for you? Think about this and see if you can incorporate something “soul-fully nourishing” into your meal plan for the coming week.



Your dietitian doula

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