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[MB Folks] New 1:1 Dietitians Services


If you’re within Manitoba - this update is relevant for you! I’m excited to announce that I’ve joined the dietitian team at A Little Nutrition in Winnipeg!

A Little Nutrition has a team of clinicians that practice with a non-diet approach that is weight inclusive and health affirming. Clients receive personalized support to help normalize their eating, enjoy food and live a healthier life.

I provide 1:1 nutrition sessions within the following areas:

1. Pregnancy and postpartum - supporting parents with guidance on nutrition prioritizing your physical, emotional and mental health. I support clients with gaining the knowledge and skill to nourish their bodies during this critical time of life and embracing changes with kindness and understanding.

2. Family and pediatric nutrition support - supporting families to create positive mealtimes and raising confident component eaters. If you’re looking to tune up your family's nutrition, troubleshoot feeding issues, needing specialized nutrition advice or get a family meal plan in place, I can help!

3. Digestive health - supporting individuals with gut health symptoms and concerns. These issues are highly individual and working with a dietitian can help you manage symptoms.

To book an appointment with me - use this booking link HERE.




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