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Simplify Mealtimes
Nourish your busy family with less stress
Eating Watermelon

Are you a parent feeling:


Overwhelmed by mealtime chaos?

Dreading the questions "what's for dinner?"

Stuck in a rut around meal ideas?

Worried you're not feeding your family well enough?

Frustrated meal planning and cooking takes so much time? 

Concerned you're spending too much on takeout? 


The FED Program


Reduce your mealtime stress.


Save time and money.


Find your groove in the kitchen.

A course for busy parents who want to spend less time and energy in the kitchen without compromising on nutrition for their family. 

Eating Pasta
Child Eating from Bowl

Food doesn't have to be so hard

There's an easier way to get nourishing meals on the table in a way that doesn't take up all of your time and energy. 

By creating a strategy and simplifying food using my meal planning system, you can do less work in the kitchen and eat better. 

If you are a parent wanting to feel better about the food you're serving without spending all of your time cooking, this is for you! 

Here's What You'll Learn

Foundations of a Healthy Meal
  • Understand the basics of how to structure a meal

  • Downloadable template for reference and visual guide

Working from Home
Basic Food Planning


  • Learn the basics of how to create a plan for food that is simply, quick and time saving.

  • Downloadable template for making this quick and easy.

Strategies for Easier Shopping and Food Prep


  • Learn different strategies to save you time in your kitchen 

Woman Preparing Food
Meal Ideas for Struggle Days


  • Learn easy family meal ideas when you are too tired to cook. 

Eating Breakfast
Creating Support
  • Learn how to reduce your workload and set up more supports in your life around food. 


Exclusive Recipe Book

  • A digital recipe book of nourishing recipes that are:

    • Fast

    • Easy

    • Delicious

  • Recipes are:

    • FIVE ingredients or less

    • Can be made in 30 minutes or less

    • Easily adaptable to suit preferences


  • ​Includes:

    • 10 breakfast ideas

    • 10 lunch ideas

    • 30 dinner ideas

  • Offers inspiration and ideas to make it easier to get food on the table.

  • Available for instant download.

Here's How It Works


  • Sign up for the program

  • You'll receive instant access to the access to the recipe book, resources and audio lesson #1 through your email. 

  • Each week for 6 weeks you're receive a new audio lesson delivered to your inbox. 

  • Audio lessons are 5 minutes or LESS. 

  • The recipe book and lessons are accessible from any computer, tablet or device.

  • Implement the task I give you each week.

  • Enjoy less stress and find your groove in the kitchen again!

Dana, BC

Yesterday I cooked dinner in the crock pot and it was ready when the kids got home, so we had spare time after dinner. We got to go outside as a family and have fun! This felt so great."

Mélanie, MB

"Brilliant - Thank you SO much! This is exactly what I needed. The resources you created are excellent and I am excited and relieved to have access to this.  You've really alleviated a lot of my stress. "

Genevieve, ON

“This alleviated a lot of stress and helped me get motivated and creative in meal planning.
I will be recommending this program to other parents!”

Hi, I'm Amy!

I'm a registered dietitian, postpartum doula, mom of two and passionate about food and nutrition. 

When I first had my baby, my whole world felt like it turned upside down. 


Learning how to care for my new baby felt all consuming. 


I struggled to figure out how to balance caring for my baby while also completing care tasks around the home. 


Cooking in particular, I found it really challenging. (And I’m a dietitian!)


This challenge seemed to magnify when I had my second child, my attention was even more divided.

And had to prepare three meals and multiple snacks for them. 

Every. Single. Day. 


It wasn’t until I finally figured out a system and a strategy that worked for me, that I was finally able to find my groove in the kitchen again. 


Now I teach this system to my clients and help them find their OWN groove.

Postpartum Doula

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