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Nutrition for busy families

Registered Dietitian Near Me

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Mindset Coach

Is food stressing you out?

Are you: 

Overwhelmed by mealtime chaos?

Dreading the questions "what's for dinner?"

Stuck in a rut around meal ideas?

Worried you're not feeding your family well enough?

Frustrated meal planning and cooking takes so much time? 

Concerned you're spending too much on takeout?

Not Your Average Dietitian 

I'm a registered dietitian, professional support person, mom of two and passionate about food and nutrition. 

When I first had my baby, my whole world felt like it turned upside down. 


Learning how to care for my new baby felt all consuming. 


I struggled to figure out how to balance caring for my baby while also completing care tasks around the home. 


Cooking in particular, I found it really challenging. (And I’m a dietitian!)


This challenge seemed to magnify when I had my second child, my attention was even more divided.

And had to prepare three meals and multiple snacks for them. 

Every. Single. Day. 

Postpartum Doula


Self Care For Moms

Now I Teach What I Learned

It wasn’t until I finally figured out a system and a strategy that worked for me, that I was finally able to find my groove in the kitchen again. 


Now I teach this system to my clients and help them find their OWN groove.

I work with families who are transitioning to life with a new baby, have a busy toddler, have multiple kids and/or neurodivergent families with more complex needs. 


Food Ingredients in Bowls
How I Help

Free Guide 

Download my nutrition guide for struggle days when you have low capacity but still need to eat!

Dietitian consults


Get 1:1 support from a registered dietitian (for residents of Manitoba). 

Learn Virtually


Join a virtual, self-paced affordable program to learn how to simplify nutrition for busy families.

Self Care For Moms

Want to Get Started? 

Join my FED Program

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