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Nutrition for Pregnancy, Postpartum and Busy Families
When you need support in a busy season of life

Are you:

- Pregnant and wondering how to optimize your nutrition to best support the growth and development of your baby? 

- Wanting to create a nourishment plan for after your baby arrives that supports your healing and allows you to rest?

- In the early weeks or months after your baby is born and looking for help with healing after birth and regaining your energy? 

- A parent with a baby or toddler and struggling to balance caring for them and preparing food? 

- A neurodivergent household (an adult or child with ADHD or autism) looking to create a better strategy around food.

- A mealtime manager of a household with young children and struggling with the getting food on the table? 

- Overwhelmed with the chaos of mealtimes and food prep in your home? 

- Frustrated with how much time and energy food takes in your day? 

- Wanting clarity around nutrition tailors to your own family 


I've Got You.

Postpartum Doula

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Registered Dietitian Near Me 

You are heard and supported

I help busy parents who want to spend less time and energy in the kitchen without compromising on nutrition for their family. 

Offering virtual registered dietitian support to clients within Manitoba. 

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“This is exactly what I needed. The resources you created are excellent and I am excited/relieved to have access to this. I feel prepared and informed. You've really alleviated a lot of my stress just in two sessions! ”

Mélanie, WPG

Here's What Virtual Dietitian Support Looks Like:

1. Click the "Book an Appointment" button below and choose an "initial nutrition appointment" in my online scheduler. 

2. Answer a couple of questions in my intake form. I'll reach out to you after.

3. Click the zoom link at your appointment time.


What Does a Dietitian Do?

My job is to do a lot of listening and ask questions.

Once I have a better picture of what's going on for you, we can discuss different options, explore some ideas and I can offer to share some information.

Then we work together to put those ideas into practice in real life. (Often the hardest part!)


Hi, I'm Amy. I'm a mom of two and a registered dietitian with well over a decade of experience. 

I'm known for my gentle nature and listening skills.


Registered Dietitian

Are Dietitian Services Covered?

Check your medical benefits for registered dietitian services - often my services are covered within Manitoba. 

My rate for a dietitian consultation is currently $130/60 minute session or $70/30 minute follow up.

Questions? Contact me at or use the contact form below.

Registered Dietitian Near Me

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