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Recover from postpartum depletion

I support mothers in the years after birth recover from postpartum depletion so they can thrive instead of just survive. 

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Hi, I'm Amy.

I'm a registered dietitian and postpartum doula. 

By mixing these two perspectives - the modern science of nutrition and traditional wisdom around postpartum care of mothers - I support women in whole body support in the years after birth. 


My clients learn to balance their body, balance their mood and balance their life. 

If you are in the first six years after birth and are feeling out of balance, depleted, exhausted and overwhelmed, I can help you find peace, joy and energy again. 

Self Care For Moms

The Balanced Mom Method Membership

Education, Community and Support

An online group coaching community that supports mothers in the first six years after birth to recover from postpartum depletion.

Learn how to thrive instead of just survive.

Self Care For Moms

Private Coaching
Personalized Support and Accountability 

Virtual support to provide deep transformation and support your your journey back to wellness in the years after birth. 

Let's go deep and improve how you feel.

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The amazing mothers that I work with feel like:

- their body is off since having kids

- their lives are overwhelming and out of balance

- they have no time or space to attend to their own needs

- they are exhausted when they wake up in the morning

- they want to have more energy to keep up with their kids

- they want to improve their health and wellness

- they want more energy!

Postpartum Doula

Moms Creating a Peaceful Postpartum Facebook Group

Surround yourself with a virtual village of supportive mothers and birthing parents.

Get inspired and see what is possible.

Ask questions, support others and be supported.

Learn through free content and events.

Self Care For Moms

Self Care For Moms

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