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Think: Add Instead of Subtract

Hey there,

Here is a gentle concept that I encourage you to think about. 

Think about what you can add instead of what you might subtract from your meals.

Often I see clients who are worried about what they are eating and wondering if what they are serving to their families are “unhealthy”. They ask me if certain foods, ingredients or food groups should be avoided. 

I get curious when I hear that and reflect back that question to them. What does the word healthy mean to you? What is the reason you are asking this question?  

When we are striving towards perfection or we have restrictions, food fears and hard rules around food - this can unintentionally create anxiety, stress and guilt around eating - whether it’s feeding yourself or your family. 

Embracing a style of eating that is intention, balanced, compassionate and flexible helps to build body trust, improved relationship with food and eating in both yourself and your kids.  

If eating in a more flexible and intuitive way is a new concept to you - I encourage you to start with thinking about what foods can you add to your plate that help you feel more satisfied and make your body feel good. 

When you think about that - what comes to mind as something you want to add more of onto your plate? 

I’d love to hear. 



P.S. - I can help you improve your mealtime stress with my quick and to the point program on creating a system for food in your home. 

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Included as a bonus is a list of 50 balanced snack ideas for hungry kids! 


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