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Recover From Postpartum Depletion
Nourish and balance your post-baby-body so you can thrive instead of just survive.

Are you a mom dealing with:


Brain fog 

Mood swings

Constant fatigue

Chronic overwhelm

Irritability or rage

Trouble sleeping

Depression or anxiety

Hair loss

Low libido

Irregular or PMS

Digestive issues

Mother and Daughter

Why are so many mothers suffering?
If your body feels out of whack in the years after birth, you aren't alone!
How you're feeling is very common, but it's not normal.


80 % of new mothers report feeling exhausted and overwhelmed

An estimated 15-20% of moms experiences postpartum depression or anxiety

The leading cause of maternal death in North America and Australia is suicide


Here's the good news.

You aren't broken. You're in recovery after birth. 

And it's treatable! You can do something about this.


The Balanced Mom Method Community

The Balanced Mom Method Community helps mothers recover from postpartum depletion by teaching them how to nourish, replenish, balance and support their post-birth-bodies so they can feel well, calm and energized again. 

This community is for mothers who want to have energy and balance again and feel like they are thriving instead of just surviving.

You'll learn how to meet your unique nutritional needs, balance your body, calm your nervous system and feel well again. 

Learn within a supportive community of other mothers, just like you!

Registered Dietitian Near Me

Mother and Baby on Floor

You deserve to feel well in motherhood

Here's the truth:

Healthy families need healthy mothers.

You aren't supposed to be supermom.

Your needs aren't supposed to disappear once you become a mother.

You aren't supposed to be last on the list.

You aren't supposed to feel burnt out and exhausted all the time.

You deserve to feel well, be well and have your needs met. 

You deserve this for yourself AND for your family.


What is postpartum depletion?

Your body is like a bank account.

Everyday it has "expenses" it needs to make to run your body.

Life as a mom is EXTRA demanding and this add even more expenses.

If you don't put in enough "deposits" into your body everyday - and over time - this creates "debt".

Another word for this is postpartum depletion. 

Proud Parents

When you start to reverse depletion in your body, mothers notice:

  • More energy

  • Increased sense of calm

  • Mental sharpness and clarity

  • Less overwhelm

  • Deeper and more restorative sleep

  • Lessened anxiety and depressive symptoms

  • A more resilient immune system

  • Improvement in hormone imbalance symptoms

  • More joy in motherhood



Here are some examples of what my clients have to say...

Mother Daughter Portrait

A.H. - Mom of two


The biggest benefit of this program was having someone who understood what I was going through AND knew what I needed to get to a better place was huge for me.


Having Amy listen and help me step by step, little by little was so incredibly helpful. It’s improved my life by helping me get back to a healthier version of myself.


I feel less stressed, and less overwhelmed…I’m no longer losing weight or having daily anxiety.


I now have tools that I can use when the moments get hard or I need to regroup 

Mother and Son on Yoga Mat

Dana - Mother of two

I joined up for this program to get myself healthy and happy to better serve my family.

Yesterday I cooked dinner in the crock pot and it was ready when the kids got home. So we had spare time after dinner. We got to go outside as a family and have fun! This felt so great and what I have been working towards



Mother Holding Baby

Angelica - Mom of one


In the trenches of postpartum depletion, I signed up for the Balanced Mom Method hopeful I’d emerge a more confident, energetic, present parent.

And that hope became a reality.


Amy provided deeply valued coaching, along with a supportive space and community. I especially appreciated Amy's module on nervous system calming and her frequent (and timely!) check-ins on Messenger.


Throughout the program, I felt equipped and empowered to bridge the gap between who I was and who I wanted to be. For anyone considering this program: Get ready to put in the effort, and you will not be disappointed.


Tabitha - Mother of four

I spent a year in therapy before joining this program. While I’m grateful for therapy, I was surprised that the most effective strategy for managing my emotional symptoms was shifts in how I was eating.


My energy started coming back within a couple weeks - I was shocked…and relieved! My kids have noticed that I’m a calmer mom now too.”

If you are questioning taking this program DO IT!!  You will never regret working with Amy. 


Will This Work For Me?


The Balanced Mom Method is designed for mothers experiencing postpartum depletion within the first 6 years after birth. 

Our members include:

Moms expecting their first or next baby, wanting to set themselves up for success or do things differently


First time moms with young babies only a few weeks old


Moms with multiple kids

By joining the membership and putting in the work, you'll notice more energy and an improvement in how your body feels very quickly.

But, more importantly, you'll have the energy to show up as the mom you want to be for your kids.

Imagine if you could:

  • roll out of bed in the morning feeling refreshed

  • have energy without relying on caffeine or sugar to get through the day

  • having the capacity to take your kids out on fun adventures 

  • having space and energy for things that YOU like to do

The Balanced Mom Method is a whole-body approach where you'll learn:


  • How to fuel and replenish nutrient stores in your body 

  • How to support your body considering the physical changes in your body after birth

  • How to restore calm within your nervous system and body

  • How to identify and address "energy leaks" in your life

  • How to support detoxification pathways in your body

  • How to create a life where your own needs are met

The Balanced Mom Method Community helps mothers recover from postpartum depletion by teaching them how to nourish, replenish, balance and support their post-birth-bodies so they can feel well, calm and energized again. 

Assessment and Foundations
  • Understand what your body is telling you through signs and  symptoms

  • Understand the unique opportunity of postpartum

Working from Home
Here's What You'll Learn

Module 1: Nourishing Your Body


  • Understand the importance of nutrition after birth

  • Learn how your body changes functionally in postpartum

  • Learn about foods that support and don't support your body

  • Understand which nutrients are important and which supplements may be needed to support your body

  • Simple and easy meal and snack ideas

Module 2: Calming Your Nervous System


  • Understand how your nervous system works, the basics

  • Understanding your sleep needs and how to improve you sleep efficiency specifically in the first years with young children

  • Learn about and try different nervous system regulation strategies and practices 

xavier-mouton-photographie-ry_sD0P1ZL0-unsplash (1).jpg
Module 3: Cleaning Up Your Life


  • Understanding how to support detoxification of your body in postpartum

  • Learn how to create space and breathing room in your life

  • Create systems to streamline processes and tasks

  • Learn how to reduce exposure to environmental toxins

Family Stretch
Enrollment is Open Now
Here's How It Works


  • You'll have access to an online portal containing lessons presented in audio format.

  • The material includes downloadable worksheets and activities to deepen your learning and application of the information. 

  • Information is available on an app for convenient access.

  • Accessible from any computer, tablet or device.

  • Access to a private Facebook group with families just like yours for the 4 month duration program.

  • Access to me through the Facebook group as well through weekly live calls over zoom for 4 months.

Work at your own pace, on your own time, from the comfort of your own home...anywhere in the world!

You don't need a babysitter...pants or a bra!

(Now that's convenient!)


Exclusive Recipe Book

Nourishing Mothers

A recipe book for postpartum

  • An eBook of postpartum specific, nourishing recipes that help make it easy to get in the foods and nutrients that support your body.

  • A beautiful recipe book with 90 delicious recipes easily adaptable to suit your taste preferences.

  • A meal planning template to create ease in getting food on the table.

  • Available in eBook for download or print-friendly version as well.

  • Food and nutrition is the foundation to rebuilding energy, calming your nervous system and balancing your body.

Scroll through to preview some of the recipes included below.

Get Started and Enroll Today

Pay in Full

$497 CAD

one payment

Payment Plan


$197 CAD

3 monthly payments

Package Includes:

- Initial 1:1 session with Amy

- 1:1 follow up sessions with Amy

- Access to private coaching and voice notes through FB messenger

- Access to online program


- Access to the private Balanced Mom Method FB community


- Monthly mother's circle


- Monthly Q& A calls


- Recipe book and meal plan

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Is this just a normal part of motherhood?
After years of pushing myself through exhaustion and overwhelm. I wanted to find a better way.
 I've studied, researched and developed an approach to guide mothers back to wellness.
It's time to take care you you, momma.

Hi, I'm Amy!

I'm a registered dietitian, postpartum doula, mom of two and passionate about the power of women. 

Seven years ago, I was a confident and energetic young professional getting ready to welcome my first baby.
I had prepared for birth meticulously with research, classes, books and a support team. I felt prepared!

BUT, I spent zero time researching how to care for my body after my baby was born. 

While my birth was smooth and beautiful, everything seemed to fall apart after that. My health - both mental and physical - spiraled downward very quickly. 

I didn't recognize that I needed support.

I just thought I was FAILING. 

Postpartum Doula


I've Learned A Lot Since Then.

After struggling through some dark years, I got to the point where I knew something needed to change. 

I'll never forget the moment when I realized that my health was negatively impacting my kids.

After that, I sought out professional support, researched, read and learned as much as I could about postpartum health.

And I figured out what happened to me and how to support my own healing.

Since experiencing this profound transformation in my life, I decided train as a postpartum doula and complete a certification in postpartum nutrition. 

I've created my own program, The Balanced Mom Method, that leads you through the same method that I've used on myself and with other mothers, just like you. 

What's included

3 Module Postpartum Depletion Recovery Course

Monthly virtual mother's circle

Private FB community with mother's in the same season of life as you

Bi-weekly live (and recorded) Q&A calls with Amy

Supplement guide specific to postpartum mothers

BONUS: e-Recipe Book

Almost 100 delicious and nourishing recipes for postpartum women 

VIP members have access to private coaching and messaging through Facebook Messenger

Frequently Asked Questions

❔ Is this program for pregnant people?

Yes, this program can help with mothers who are pregnant. Postpartum issue can often be prevented with the right kind of support!  

❔I eat really healthy already. Will I learn anything new?

Yes! The nutrition information you will learn is not the same "clean eating" mainstream information you may be familiar with. I'll teach you how to eat in a way that is specific to the changes that have happened in your body after birth and how to deeply nourish yourself with nutrient dense foods. If you're struggling with fatigue, anxiety, hair loss, hormone imbalance, mood swing, digestion issue, then this course is for you.

❔ How much is the time commitment?

The program content can be listened to at your own pace. I suggest setting aside 30-60 minutes a weeks to listen to content and implement what you learn.

I know you're busy! That's why I've kept the lessons short! (10-15 minutes) Plus - with a more nourished and balanced body, you'll have more capacity to do life. 

❔ Will I need to give up all my favourite foods?

The program is completely customizable to your life and your body. I provide general recommendations around foods and you can ask questions in the group and in the Q&A calls to learn how to customize this to your own life and preferences.

❔ Do I need to count calories in this program?

Absolutely not. I do not prescribe or recommend calorie counting. I encourage eating to your hunger cues and focusing on nourishing foods rather than restriction and relying on numbers to determine how much you eat at a meal. 

❔ Do I need to spend a lot of time in the kitchen?

I understand how busy and overwhelming life is. My recommendations are simple and uncomplicated. I make everything as easy as possible for you.

❔ How long should I stay in the membership?

I recommend committing to at least four months in the community and then as long as you like after that! 

❔ What if I'm working with a therapist already?

Fantastic! I encourage you to build your support network and sometimes it's necessary to bring in other professionals with different skill sets to support you on your journey. 

❔ Will you help me get off of my medication?

Medication is something that you will discuss with your physician if that is a goal of yours. This program may or may not result in your reducing your medication but it will help support your body to deal with the root causes of your symptoms. 

I am not anti-medication, I work with women who do and do not take medication and pharmaceuticals. 

❔How long does it take to feel better?

This course is not a miracle fix - the strategies you'll learn get to the root of the issue and aren't a Band-Aid "quick fix" solution. However, often mother often see improvements in symptoms within a couple of weeks with more improvements over the long term. It's variable depending on the person and where they are starting from. 

❔Am I locked in for any length of time?

You may join and stay for as long as you like. The subscription auto-renews every month until you cancel it. 

❔Is it okay that I am vegetarian?

If you are a fish and/or egg eating vegetarian - this program will absolutely still benefit you with some modifications and adaptions. If you follow a strictly vegan diet lifestyle, this program is not be the best fit. 

Still Have Questions?

If you still have doubts or questions about whether the Balanced Mom Method is right for you, please send me an email to or use the contact for below and I will get back to you as soon as possible!

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