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Gentle ways to shift depletion this winter

Hey momma,

We’re diving into the winter season now, and I often find that this time of year is the hardest for me to stay balanced.

Each season has a different feel, brings its own challenges and opportunities.

In winter, my mind feels more restless, I reflect and feel more deeply, I have less energy, my skin and body feel dry and my gut tends to be more sluggish.

How do you find winter feels for your body? Take a minute to think about that.

Winter is an opportunity for rest, recalibration, preparation and deep nourishment.

Despite what our culture pushes on us, we aren’t meant to live like robots and be in a season of energy and productivity all the time. Our lives are meant to be cyclical.

Instead of fighting these shifts and changes of the seasons, it’s important to work with them instead.

In moms experiencing postpartum depletion, especially if you are feeling exhausted and overwhelmed most of the time, winter can feel particularly intense.

Here are some gentle ways to support your depleted body during winter:

Slow down. Honour your body's natural rhythm to slow!

Now is not the time to push yourself. Winter is an intuitive time to rest, slow and recover.

Just a few generations ago - imagine the days of family farms for example - people lived within very distinct seasons. Winter was a time of rest. Animals hibernate. Snow slows or stops growth. The sun sets earlier and rises later, so people slept more.

Follow that natural cycle and rhythm, allow yourself to sleep and rest more.

Ignore that pressure to do more, it’s not helpful when you’re depleted.

Deeply nourish your body with warm and nutritious foods

Now is not the time to be consuming smoothies, salads, raw fruits and cold drinks.

Instead, think of adding more “cozy” foods like broths, soups, stews, chili and herbal teas. You can also consider including warm spices in your meals too like cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, black pepper and ginger.

These types of foods are deeply nourishing on a body and soul level and help replenish some nutrient stores in depleted mothers.

Do more activities that bring you JOY

Warm, fun, enjoyable activities help boost your feel good hormones like oxytocin.

What can you do more of that brings you a sense of peace and joy?

If that is really hard to come up with, you aren’t alone. Maybe think of something you liked to do before you had kids or when you were younger.

What about listening to some music that you liked when you were 12, having a warm bubble bath, snuggling under blankets, having a movie night or journaling?

Clear off your calendar

So often depleted moms feel like they can’t cope with all the things on their calendars. This doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you btw, it probably means you have too much going on.

Now is the perfect time to cut back on anything that doesn’t need to be there.

Take a serious look at what is taking up your time and energy and then make some decisions about what can be delegated to other people or taken off completely.

What could you do with a bit more time? What areas of your life need more balance?

You don’t need to do it all.

I hope that helps!



Your dietitian doula

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