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Four supplements I recommend to most mothers

Supplements are always a hot topic.

Some practitioners and consumers are very enthusiastic about recommending/taking supplements and others are far more reserved.

While I would like everyone’s focus to be on eating nutrient dense foods as much as possible, supplements can also be a very useful tool.

It’s very difficult to meet your nutrient needs on a daily basis as it is, but when you’re maxed out caring for young kids, it’s even harder to do.

Because your capacity is reduced.

When we are in a phase of rebuilding, repairing and replenishing our body - especially after birth and when we are feeling like we’re running on fumes with busy families - this is an important time to make sure you’re receiving an abundance of nutrients.

We need to get nutrients in, however that looks.

And often that means adding in supplements as a tool.

Here are four types of supplements that I generally recommend to most mothers.

(Not medical or personal nutrition advice)

  1. A high quality prenatal multivitamin OR dessicated liver capsule

  2. A fish oil or algae-based supplement with EPA/DHA

  3. Vitamin D

  4. Magnesium

These supplements provide some critical raw materials and fuel to help your body function properly on a daily basis.

Hope this helps.



Your dietitian doula

P.S. - Want to learn more about postpartum depletion recovery, nutrition and how to support your body back into a state of wellness and balance again?

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Or send me a message and let’s talk about what you need to move from surviving to thriving again.


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