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Simple Stuff Before The 'Sexy Stuff'

When we’re on the struggle bus - we often look for big, dramatic solutions to solve our problems.

I’ve been there too. When I was drowning in overwhelm and exhaustion I invested so much money in professionals, online programs and products that I thought would fix my problem in the quickest way possible.

Really though - what made the most difference was small, basic stuff that I needed to do on a daily basis.

When working on recovering from exhaustion and overwhelm in motherhood…I do NOT suggest starting here:

  • Investing in fancy and comprehensive labs tests or panels

  • Buying heaps of supplements

  • Starting to train for a marathon

  • Taking up a bootcamp class

  • Doing a dramatic diet overhaul

  • Going to the spa for a weekend but ignoring daily self care

Here’s where I DO suggest you start:

  • Go to bed 15 minutes earlier

  • Eat breakfast before coffee in the morning

  • Get three big and balanced meals in every day

  • Cook double of something and freeze it

  • Take a minute to breathe in the middle of your day

  • Go for a 10 minute walk after supper

Start with the simple things FIRST before jumping into the more “sexy” stuff.

Which one of those things stands out as something that you want to start working on?



Your dietitian doula

P.S. - Did you know that accountability increases the probability of completing a goal from 10% (with just having the idea) to 95% with having accountability specific to your goal?

If you’re ready to take your health, wellness and postpartum recovery seriously this spring, send me a message!

I have a limited number of private coaching spots available - let’s chat to see if you and I are a good fit.


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