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The 4 Strategies For A Healing and Vibrant Postpartum Without Exhaustion, Overwhelm Or Self Neglect

We will discuss:

- The physiological, functional and neurological changes that occur after birth and why this is critical to understand for healing

- The impact of nutrition during postpartum on a mother's health long-term

- The key factors in taking back your power and control of your health and healing in postpartum

Save your spot for the upcoming in person training hosted by Amy Marshall


I'm Amy!

I support expecting and postpartum families create a peaceful and enjoyable postpartum experience through a combination of science & research, traditional practices and mindset work.

While I have over a decade of experience, the biggest learning for me has been the transformational experience of parenting my two children!

Sunday, April 10th, 2022 at 1PM CST
At Family First Chiropractic - 589 St. Anne's Road, WPG, MB

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*Limited space available*

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