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The Power of Support and Accountability in Achieving Your Goals

Making changes to our habits and behaviors can be challenging, especially as mothers because we have so many demanding prioritizes and little brain space and time to focus on those changes.

Have you been thinking about making improvements in your habits? It’s hard! It’s hard get started and it’s hard to make it “stick”.

That's why having support and accountability is essential on our journey of personal growth.

If you've found it tough to make changes, congratulations! It only means you're human, just like the rest of us.

Progress takes time, effort and consistency. Setbacks are a natural part of the process.

But there are ways to increase our chance of success.

Let's take a look at some eye-opening statistics on the impact of accountability, based on a study about achieving a goal:

🔹 Having an idea or goal: 10% likelihood of completion.

🔹 Consciously deciding to do it: 25% likelihood.

🔹 Deciding when to do it: 40% likelihood.

🔹 Planning how to do it: 50% likelihood.

🔹 Committing to someone that you will do it: 65% likelihood.

🔹 Having a specific accountability appointment with someone you've committed to: 95% likelihood.

As you can see, accountability plays a significant role in increasing the chances of reaching our goals. But where can we find this support?

Consider finding a coach who understands your life stage and can provide personalized and nurturing guidance. A coach can help you navigate the challenges, hold you accountable, and empower you to achieve your desired outcomes.

I offer coaching services for mothers who are wanting to improve their health and habits so they can feel better and have more energy and capacity to handle their busy life with kids.

I would be honored to support you on your journey. Message me for more information and let's start this transformative process together.

You don't have to do it alone. With the right support and accountability, you can start improving your energy levels and wellbeing and create positive, lasting change for you and your family.



Your dietitian doula

P.S. - Want to learn more about working with me?

Check out my group coaching program the Balanced Mom Method here.

Or send me a message with the contact form below and we'll set up a time to connect.


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