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Struggling with food? Three questions to ask yourself.

I work with mothers/birthing or lactating parents after they have a baby.

Often they share this with me:

They love being a parent, they can’t believe how much they adore their little one(s)!

…But since becoming a mom/parent, or adding a second/third/fourth baby to their family - their nutrition and eating habits have really slid by the wayside.

They do an exceptional job caring for their children, but caring for themselves is a struggle.

Instead of eating regular, balanced and nourishing meals…they are resorting to the leftovers off their kids plates, goldfish crackers, snack bars, coffee or at their worst…skipping meals entirely.

This tends to be a vicious cycle. When we are in the time of life as a caregiver for a baby and/or small children - we tend to be really exhausted and maxed out.

Because parenting is really exhausting work!

Food is usually one of the first things to slide.

We’re so tired that by the end of the day we start to rely more on take out, quick, processed and convenient foods.

This can lead to furthering that downward cycle because when we aren’t fueling our bodies well, it can negatively impact our mood, energy, sleep, hormone health and basic functioning of our body.

How can we reverse this?

We need to work on increasing a mothers capacity.

This is why I’ve merged my two areas of training together - nutrition and postpartum doula work.

As a dietitian, I can provide support, information and guidance around what foods and nutrients are important to focus on during this important time of life.

But as a postpartum doula, I can really help you apply this to your life, improve your strategy and help you get more nourishing foods into your body in real life.

A mom struggling to feed herself is NOT lazy, weak or failing. It’s important to take the shame and morality out of the discussion.

A mom is often struggling to feed herself well because she’s lacking the capacity to do it.

Building capacity is often multi-layered, complex and highly individual.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with food though, start with these three questions:

  1. What is one thing you want to improve?

  2. How can you simplify things with food?

  3. How can you eliminate or delegate tasks around food?

What is your biggest struggle is with food right now. Send me a message and let me know!



Your dietitian doula

P.S. - If you know you’re not eating your best right now and it’s bugging you…

If you’re surviving on coffee, chips, crackers and cereal bars…

If you’re curious about working with me to improve how you’re eating and therefore your mood, energy and capacity…

Check out my group coaching program here:

I provide comprehensive support to you over several months so you can start eating better, feeling better and enjoying life more with your family.

Questions? Let me know.

I’m here to help.


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