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Simplify Your Snacking: 5 Easy Ideas for Busy Families


As a parent of two young kids myself, I also experience the constant mental load of having to magically conjure up meals and snacks everyday.  

The pursuit of balance, variety and nutrition often feels like an endless marathon. 

I get it. It's draining and time-consuming, adding to the already weighty load of daily responsibilities.

One strategy to lighten this load? Externalize the ideas

Creating a go-to reference sheet is a game-changer—a tool that offers instant inspiration when your brain is occupied elsewhere.

This is one of the strategies that I teach in my brand new FED Program

I explore different strategies to streamline food planning. 

Need some inspiration to get you started? Here are five easy ideas:

1. Fruit and Cheese Kabobs

Thread your favourite fruits and cheese cubes onto skewers for a fun and nourishing snack. (Skewers are optional.)

2. Corn or Rice Thins with Toppings

Spread cheese or nut butter on corn or rice cakes for a quick and crunchy snack.

3. Veggie Chips or Straws with Hummus

Dip veggie chips or straws into hummus, guacamole or your preferred dip for a satisfying crunch.

4. Mini Bagels with Spreads

Mini bagels smeared with cream cheese or nut butter make for a fuss-free snack.

5. Greek Yogurt with Berries

Pair vanilla Greek yogurt with thawed frozen berries for a refreshing and nutritious option.

What are your household's go-to snacks?

Are you feeling a lack of inspiration in the food planning department?

I’ve got you with my brand new FED Program

It's a transformative, affordable, and time-efficient solution to revamp your family's food planning strategy. 

This program helps you create a unique food planning system tailored to your family's lifestyle.

✨ Affordable: Costing less than a family takeout meal, it's an investment in sustainable eating habits.

✨ Short and Convenient: Quick audio lessons, less than 5 minutes each, delivered conveniently via email.

✨ Customizable: Recipes, strategies, templates - everything is designed to fit your family's unique rhythm.

Here’s a BONUS available until Sunday Jan 14…

You’ll also receive a bonus 50-snack idea resource designed for busy families with hungry kids. 

It’s a printable, one page resource that you can post in your kitchen as a quick reference sheet. 

Let’s get you set up in 2024 to simplify and streamline your family's food planning!



Your Dietitian Doula


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