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Recipe Inside: 3 Ingredients, No-Cook Holiday Meal Idea

As the holidays are approaching are you feeling the added mental load and stress?

The food prep and extra cooking. 

The presents, shopping and wrapping. 

The work of making the holidays “magical” for your little ones. 

It’s a lot! I’m feeling it too.

I encourage you this season to think about two things:1. What would bring your family, and in particular YOU, joy this year. Write it down.Focus on that list and let other things go. 

2. Think about how you can simplify your holidays, including food. 

Here is a really simple idea that can be used for a fun, easy and tasty holiday meal template for your family. 

I use the work template as it provides the basic structure with plenty of options and room for customization for your family and preferences. 

Back story: in my family, traditionally we would attend a candlelight Christmas service at my church every Christmas Eve. 

The candles, the carols, the people…I found it magical. 

Then we would all go to my grandparents home for a late dinner and presents (which was the best as a kid!)

My grandmother (Omi) would serve “Faspa” which is a cold, finger food meal. 

Bread, cheese, cold cuts, pre-cooked farmer sausage, condiments, pickles and lots of Christmas baking. 

This year I’m hosting this meal at my own home, and will be serving the same traditional foods I find bring me joy. 

Three Ingredient, No Cook Holiday Meal Template

Hand held protein rich food

Hand held carbohydrate rich food

Fruit or vegetable

Here are some ideas for customizing this and adding in other items!

Cheeses - Boursin, cream cheese, gouda, brie, smoked cheddar, marble, etc. 

Deli meats - smoked ham, dry salami, prosciutto, smoked salmon, liver pâté, etc.

Crackers/bread - plain crackers, seedy crackers, Triscuits, rice crackers, rye bread, pumpernickel, bread sticks, buns, gluten free crackers or bread, etc.

Condiments - mustards, cranberry sauce, dips, jam, etc. 

Fruits - grapes, orange slices, melon cubes, pineapple, kiwi, berries, etc.

Vegetables - cucumbers, baby carrots, celery, pepper slices, etc. 

Extras - olives, roasted nuts, dried fruit, sweets, chocolate, baking

What combinations sound good to you? 

Here’s to a peaceful and joyful holiday for you and your family. 



Your dietitian doula 

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