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Considering a food based NY’s resolution? Read this first.


As the New Year rolls in, it's that time again - resolutions. 

Every January, over 50% of people commit to change, setting ambitious goals, especially around food and health. 

But let's face it: how often do these resolutions stick? Not as frequently as we'd hope.

Statistics reveal the reality: by mid-February, nearly 80% of people have abandoned their New Year's resolutions

And the cycle of setting, striving, and abandoning resolutions can trigger feelings of shame and frustration, especially for busy moms already juggling family, work, household tasks and everything in between.

Many resolutions revolve around food: "Eat healthier," "Cook more at home," "Cut out sugar," or "Meal prep every Sunday." 

While these intentions are solid, they often lack a sustainable strategy and end up adding more stress to an already busy life.

So, what's the alternative? 

Instead of setting lofty resolutions destined to fade, consider setting gentle intentions and developing strategies for the year ahead, particularly around simplifying and streamlining food in your home.

Imagine having a strategy tailored to your family's needs that reduces stress, saves money, and ensures your loved ones eat well without the guilt of unmet resolutions. 

This is what my brand new FED program will help you achieve. 

The FED program isn't another fleeting resolution; it's a transformative journey. 

It's about discovering a unique food planning system that fits seamlessly into your family's routine. With a 50-recipe book of simple meal ideas, six bite-sized audio lessons, plus resources and templates, it's a roadmap for success.

And here's the cherry on top:

For the next two weeks, anyone joining the FED program will receive a BONUS resource - 50 Snack Ideas for Busy Families with Hungry Kids!

This printable 1 page reference sheet includes snacks that are quick, easy, nourishing, and, most importantly, kid-friendly, making snack time a lot easier.

The FED program isn't just about food; it's about nurturing a healthier, happier lifestyle for your family without the pressure of lofty resolutions. 

Join the FED program today and make 2024 the year of achievable, sustainable, and simpler food planning!



Your Dietitian Doula


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