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A simple breathing technique for soothing anxiety

Hello my friend!

Let’s talk about a quick and evidenced based technique for calming yourself when you’re feeling anxious and stressed.

Here’s a little nervous system 101

In our body we have a “stress response system” that helps us respond to threats and dangers in the environment. (Either perceived or real)

These “accelerator” and “brake” pedals run our nervous system and help us function and stay alive.

Often mommas get into a state where our stress response is stuck “ON” all the time.

Part of the reason is our brains are rewired as caregivers so we can better notice and respond to danger in our environment. Have you noticed this since becoming a parent?

And also because being a parent to young kids is VERY stressful and demanding. It’s so easy for us to become overwhelmed with the immense workload, especially when our social support systems aren’t sufficient.

In addition to that - often we have a lot of INTERNAL stress - meaning our bodies aren’t getting our basic needs met. Sleep, quality nutrition, opportunities for rest, sunlight, connection, etc.

Why this matters.

When we’re constantly stressed:

  1. Inflammation happens in our body (hello brain fog and medical issues)

  2. Our hormones go out of whack (sleep, brain function, how your body functions)

  3. Our metabolism is thrown off (energy levels, weight changes)

  4. We further nutrient insufficiencies because stress burns through them faster (magnesium and B vitamins are an example)

  5. Your general sense of wellbeing is affected (mood, how we feel, etc)

Living in constant stress leads to something called postpartum depletion.

To calm our stress response and nervous system (and start addressing your depletion) you need to address the root issues - internal and external sources of stress.

  1. Internal environment - replenishing nutrient levels and stores, supporting organ function, optimizing hormone balance

  2. External environment - amount of stress we’re experiencing

Wondering how to get started on this? Follow this mantra - little things often.

Often it’s the small little things that you do that add up to making a big difference.

Here is an easy AND evidence based technique: the 4 in, 7 out breath.

Breath in slowly for a count of 4, breath out slowly for a count of 7. Repeat a few times.

Do this several times a day.

This breathing pattern helps your nervous system switch into a state of relaxation and calming.

Try it and let me know how it feels for you!



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