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What I DON’T do as a dietitian…and what I do

Sometimes people are a little nervous when they meet with me for the first time because they don’t know what to expect.

Sometimes people think I will judge them or suggest they go on a calorie restricted “diet”.

I get that - the word “diet” is in my professional title.

But let’s talk about what I DON’T do as a dietitian:

  • I don’t suggest strict food plans or restrictive diets.

  • I don’t suggest calorie restriction or calorie counting.

  • I don’t offer one-size-fits-all approaches to everyone.

  • I don’t judge or shame people for their food intake.

What I DO is:

  • Listen to understand what is happening for food right now in your life

  • Identify what YOUR goals are for your food and health

  • Offer suggestions on shifts and tweaks

  • Work with you to come up with a unique plan that works for you and your life

Nutrition plays a big role in your health and wellness! It’s also one area of life that is really challenging with parenting young kids.

Have you met with a dietitian before? How was that experience for you?

If you’re curious about working with me - respond to this email and we can talk about how I can help.


Amy Your Dietitian Doula

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