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Join Me: Stress Less, Eat Better Training


Are you tired of feeling stressed and overwhelmed when it comes to mealtime?

As a mother myself, I understand the chaos that can revolve around providing nourishing meals while juggling the demands of daily life.

I’d like to help you feel less stressed in the kitchen so you can have more time to do things that are important to you, all while feeding your family nourishing meals.

I’m inviting you to my upcoming free live training session…

In this session, I'll share my strategy that has helped many overwhelmed moms like you streamline mealtime stress and regain control in the kitchen.

(It’s like the strategy I use as a registered dietitian in my own life!)

In this webinar you’ll discover:

  • How to reduce your stress around food planning so you can free up your mental energy for other things.

  • A simple way to manage the relentless question of "what's for dinner?".

  • How to find inspiration and your groove in the kitchen again.

  • Get an inside look on how a registered dietitian manages food personally and has coached many clients to do so too.

Plus a whole lot more…

Stress Less, Eat Better: A strategy for simplifying food

Saturday Dec 2, 2023 at 1PM CST

I'll send out the replay link afterward to those who have signed up.

Plus, as a special bonus for attending, you'll receive a free template that I usually reserve for my paying clients. That is a game-changer for reducing stress in the kitchen.

Let's take a step toward a more enjoyable kitchen experience.



Your dietitian doula

P.S. - This training isn't about adding more to your plate; it's about simplifying the process so you can focus on what truly matters. Don't miss out!


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