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Have you really recovered after birth?

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

Here’s a question for you. Do you feel like you’ve really recovered since having kid(s)?

​Or do you still feel off?

I talk about this a lot - the question of how long is postpartum? How long is the healing phase after birth?

By medical definition - postpartum would be the time it takes for the uterus to shrink back to it’s original size…so around 6 weeks.

Other traditional cultures around the world also echo this time frame and honour the need for rest, healing and intentional care during the first 40 days after birth - in order for full healing to occur.

But what about the vast majority of us in western culture? Most of us don’t have the type of postpartum support we need during those early weeks.

So that usually means that our healing takes longer than 6 weeks.

How much longer?

​It depends. It depends on a lot of factors so there is no one black and white answer.

Sometimes healing takes weeks, but for some women it can take years.

If you’re curious where you stand on postpartum healing - please consider checking out my free postpartum depletion guide where you can do a self guided quiz to determine where you stand on postpartum healing.

Find that quiz here.

We could talk about really scientific markers - hormone balance, nutrient levels, lab markers, etc…

But really it comes down to assessing how you are feeling. Really think about that.

How does your body feel on a daily basis?

Are you feeling well, most of the time?

If the answer is no - then you have some healing work to do still.

So have YOU recovered?

That’s why I created a group coaching program and offer support to mothers. Especially designed for mothers who still have healing work to do but need the information and support to make that happen.

If you’ve got a baby, young kids or are pregnant with your next baby…

If you are dealing with exhaustion, overwhelm, crazy hormones, skin issues, gut issues, mood swings, etc…

If you feel like you aren’t showing up as the mom you want to be for your kids because of how you feel…

Then let me support you on your journey to postpartum wellness.

​It’s not just me supporting you, there is a community of moms in the program on the same journey as you.

Send me a message and we'll chat about if this is a good fit for you.



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