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Let's Create a Peaceful Postpartum Together
In Person Support for Winnipeg Families

I offer personal support to help expecting and postpartum families create a peaceful and enjoyable postpartum experience through a combination of science and research, traditional practices and mindset work. 

Let me come take care of you!

I support you physically, emotionally and practically when your baby arrives. 

You’ll feel supported, seen and held as you move through those tender and sacred first few weeks. You’ll feel entitled to rest and recovery time and to receive support. 


You’ll have positive memories to carry with you for the rest of your life. 

Postpartum Doula

Mother Baby Bonding
Importance of Postpartum Care

Healthy parents/caregivers = healthy babies. 

This is shown in research - a well cared for baby means the mother must also be well cared for.

However, we have a problem in our society.

Despite the fact that the World Health Organization recognizes that the postpartum period (the first six weeks after birth) as a critical phase in the lives of mothers and newborn is the most neglected period for the provision of quality care. 

Future health outcomes for both baby and mom are influenced by the first weeks after birth as well. Emotional and physical depletion and burn out that develop in postpartum can persist unresolved for years afterwards. 

"The first 42 days after birth set the stage for her next 42 years."

- Ysha Oaks, Ayurveda practitioner and educator 

In Canada:

  • At least 1:5 mothers experience anxiety or depression after the birth of a baby.

  • Preliminary data suggests significantly higher rates of depression and anxiety during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

  • At least 1:10 dads report experiencing anxiety or depression after welcoming a baby (that jumps up to 1:2 with a partner experiencing depression)

  • The leading cause of maternal death in Canada, the United States, Australia and New Zealand is suicide.

Having the opportunity to rest and heal properly after birth allows for better emotional health, physical health, better bonding with baby, better breastfeeding outcomes and satisfaction with mothering. 

Mothers need time and space to get to know their baby, fall in love and establish breastfeeding. Forming a relationship takes time, especially with a non-verbal newborn!

Having a clear and defined plan for postpartum support results in less stress for the family, allows for an easier transition into the addition of another baby, less relationship stress between partners and helps to preserve and protect relationships with your older children. 

You don't get a do over. You don't get this special time back again. 

Proper postpartum support heavily influences the type of memories that you'll have looking back on this time. ​


Mindset Coach

I'm not your average postpartum doula!

Hi, I'm Amy Marshall!

I'm a registered dietitian turned postpartum doula.

I am a mother to two beautiful children and have found my motherhood journey to be the most intensely transformative time of my life. 

I didn't find myself in postpartum work because everything went easy and smooth for me. I had a very challenging first postpartum but I created a peaceful and transformative experience with my second baby.  


Now I use the wisdom of generations of women around the world, back it up with scientific research and use mindset coaching, to help guide mothers and parents from a place of overwhelm and support, confidence and happiness.

But I'm not your average postpartum doula! I provide a variety of services that will support you from pregnancy and throughout your first year. 

Let's chat to see if I can meet your needs for your postpartum. 


Having Amy for my postpartum journey has been a true blessing.


To be completely honest, I feel EXTREMELY lucky that we found her. We hired Amy for our second baby, because during my first postpartum experience I definitely lacked support (didn’t know it would be this hard) and this time around I wanted to feel happier and optimize my recovery after giving birth.

We met with her before giving birth, she brought us presents - things that would be useful right after birth (tea blends, etc.) and she helped us plan our postpartum sanctuary. She guided me in understanding what I would need postpartum and how I could make it happen.


She kept checking in on me until the birth of my baby, and then she came over day 3 after birth. She spent a half day with us, guiding my mom and my partner as to how they could better support me, she took care of me by validating how I was feeling and listening to my birth story. She encouraged me to get some rest and accept to be fully taken care of as I had just given birth, and needed a LOT of rest even as a busy entrepreneur mom with a toddler also.


She cooked delicious meals, prepped me a bath and herbal teas to support my metabolic recovery. She came back every 2 weeks during the first 40 days and it was always a blessing to have her around. She is caring, authentic, warm and her presence is grounding.


My husband absolutely loved to have her around because my physical and mental health was so much better this time around, and we both loved to have a fantastic resource full of postpartum wisdom to support us.


I very highly recommend hiring Amy to all the moms / future moms who want to live the best postpartum experience they can and feel supported in the best of ways to ensure their recovery after birth. ❤️

- Anne-Josie

Registered Dietitian Near Me

How Early Should You Reach Out?


The earlier you begin working with me, the better you experience tends to be. 

I recommend a minimum of 1 month before your expected due date.


Most families are unclear what they want for support until after their baby arrives.


Work with me begins with creating a unique and specific postpartum plan that is crystal clear. You will work through my postpartum planning system to move you from unsure, anxious and uncertain to excitement, anticipation, hope and calm. 

If you're interested in what I can offer you, reach out ASAP as I only take a limited number of clients to ensure I can provide high quality care. 

Pillow and Blanket on Couch

Fay - Mother of three

I hired Amy before the birth of my 4th baby. I had been struggling physically and mentally since I became a mother (six years ago) and I went all in with Amy's online program AND having her come into my home for in-person support after the baby arrived.


I HIGHLY recommend Amy.

She was the calming presence I needed, helped me nourish my body, and helped me remember that caring for myself IS caring for my family. I feel better than I ever have and I'm only four weeks postpartum!


As I continue to heal I'm looking forward to actually enjoying these next busy years with my young family and having the energy and patience to do so! Thank you Amy for your amazing work and how you are serving so many mothers in a way no one else is."


Jeff - Dad of three


Heading into this time I was worried about how to care for the older kids, help my wife, the baby and keep the house running. 

We invested to give us tools and support to help with postpartum life.  We agreed that we needed help developing a plan to take care of three kids.

Amy helped us adjust to life with a newborn and two other children.  We learned to delegate tasks to others and to automate tasks that the other two children could complete. 


She also empowered my wife to put her wellbeing as a top priority of postpartum life.

I am thankful for the lessons we learned because it empowered us to take action prior to our baby being born and helped us calm the chaos after she was born.


Carly - Mom of two


What motivated me to seek help this time was my awareness that my postpartum depression with my first child which left our relationship strained.


I wanted it to be different for this child and not cause any burden on my first born. 


This time I’ve been able to relax into the special moments with my children and not feel pressured to always do, do, do. I feel confident to ask for help and support.

I also shifted my diet that helped me with my hormones and in-turn my mental health. My food changes also helped me heal from birth and pregnancy. 

Amy’s gentle and supportive ways to challenge my way of thinking, the fact that she has gone through this as well, helped me to let go and open up to her. 

My Unique Approach

Many postpartum doulas focus on baby care and provide services that support in caring for the baby or housekeeping tasks. They often charge per hour and provide as needed support.

What I provide is much more holistic and deeply transformational. 

I work with mothers from pregnancy up until the end of their baby's first year in a variety of different ways. I offer support packages that wraps your family in love and support, connects you with a community of support and provide continuity of care. 

Most importantly - I focus on mother centered care

I don’t teach basic baby care. I don’t focus on easy to find information. I don’t teach you how to parent.


I listen, focus on you and hold space for your unique transformation. 

Traditional postpartum practices from around the World practices heavily influence my work.

I’ve been a trained registered dietitian for well over a decade and this enables me to bring a scientific and research based lens to my work. I love exploring traditional practices and looking for scientific backing for them. 

Combining these three areas – caring for your mind and body, reconnecting to ancestral wisdom and traditions and tying in the lens of science and research – is a holistic, unique, yet evidence based approach to support and care in your postpartum. a mom myself, I personally understand what life with young children is like! 


Postpartum Doula

Mother and Baby

Gold Package $1497

  • 1 postpartum planning visit (1 to 1 ½ hours) in home or virtual before birth

  • 3 in-home visits (2.5-3 hours in length)

  • Gift package of postpartum supplies (herbal bath mix, belly binding material, teas, etc.)

  • Text or phone support in pregnancy and 6 weeks after birth (within daytime hours)

  • Enrolment in the Postpartum Peace Method – online postpartum prep program (valued at $997 CAD)

Platinum Package $1997

  • Everything included above

  • 6 in-home visits (2.5-3 hours in length)

Self Care For Moms

Let's Chat!

To learn more about working with me, send me a message via my contact form below, email me at or text me at (431) 276-1513.

I look forward to hear from you!

Message me as soon as possible to enquire as to my availability. 

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