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Postpartum Planning
Mini Series

Registered Dietitian Near Me

Mindset Coach

Video #1 - A Modern Postpartum Blueprint

What you'll learn:


- why postpartum care is essential

- how traditional cultures support mothers after birth

- what a modern postpartum plan looks like

- why you need a postpartum plan to have a peaceful postpartum

Video #2 - Postpartum Essentials 

What you'll learn:

- Why nutrition matters in pregnancy, birth and postpartum

- What the foundational foods are in this time of life

- An exercise to explore what supports your unique family needs

- Why you can't just "do it all yourself" 

Mindset Coach

Video #3 - Translating Intentions to Real Life

What you'll learn:

- What a restful postpartum actually looks like within busy family life

- A strategy to slow down the pace of your life

- A strategy to slow down your mind

- The key to more deeply relaxing and enjoying the early weeks with your baby

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