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Self care for moms
You Can Enjoy The Early Weeks With Your Newborn, Without Constant Exhaustion and Overwhelm

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The Postpartum Peace Method


An online program that guides expecting families to create a postpartum they actually enjoy by helping them set up an effective and unique postpartum plan. 

In 8 weeks or less.

For expecting families who want to enjoy life with their newborn without exhaustion and overwhelm.

You want a peaceful and restful postpartum BUT...


You're feeling anxious about managing life while caring for your newborn.

You feel overwhelmed with daily life NOW, never mind with a NEWBORN on top of everything.

You are wondering how you'll find time to rest and recover after birth.

You're worried about how your older child will handle the upcoming transition. 

You're wondering how you'll cope with sleep deprivation.

You're awake at night wondering:

"How will it be this time with TWO/THREE/FOUR children?"

"Will my partner and I manage better than last time?"

"What if I get PPD again?"

"Will I survive this?"


Growing a baby is EXHAUSTING and you're already low on energy and time.

Trying to research, plan and figure out how to create a restful and joyful postpartum all on your own ON TOP of what you are already doing is not efficient or effective. 

There's an easier way to create a postpartum experience with positive memories you'll cherish...

I've developed an online program that guides expecting families to create a postpartum they actually enjoy by helping them set up an effective and unique postpartum plan. 


It's like birth prep classes...but for postpartum.


Would you like: 

  • To feel relaxed, peaceful, happy and confident while caring for your newborn?

  • To have time to rest, heal, bond and fall in love with your baby?

  • To feel cared for and supported after birth? 

  • To know your older child is cared for and how to support them?

  • To manage sleep in a way that supports neurodevelopment?

  • Confidence you are supporting your mood as best you can? 

  • To know you are nourishing yourself and your baby well?

In eight weeks or less, you'll create a solid plan, feel excited, supported and ready for your upcoming postpartum. 

The Cost of Poor Postpartum Care


Healthy parents/caregivers = healthy babies. 

This is shown in research - to have a well cared for baby, the mother must also be well cared for.

However, we have a problem in our society.

Despite the fact that the World Health Organization recognizes that the postpartum period (the first six weeks after birth) as a critical phase in the lives of mothers and newborn is the most neglected period for the provision of quality care. 

Future health outcomes for both baby and mom are influenced by the first weeks after birth. Emotional and physical depletion and burn out that can develop in postpartum may persist unresolved for years afterwards. 

"The first 42 days after birth set the stage for her next 42 years."

- Ysha Oaks, Ayurveda practitioner and educator 

In Canada:

  • At least 1:5 mothers experience anxiety or depression after the birth of a baby.

  • Preliminary data suggests significantly higher rates of depression and anxiety during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

  • At least 1:10 dads report experiencing anxiety or depression after welcoming a baby (that jumps up to 1:2 with a partner experiencing depression)

  • The leading cause of maternal death in Canada, the United States, Australia and New Zealand is suicide.

Being supported and having the opportunity to rest and heal properly after birth allows for better emotional health, physical health, better bonding with baby, better breastfeeding outcomes and satisfaction with mothering. 

Mothers need time and space to get to know their baby, fall in love and establish breastfeeding. Forming a relationship takes time, especially with a non-verbal newborn!

Having a clear and defined plan for postpartum support results in less stress for the family, allows for an easier transition into the addition of another baby, less relationship stress between partners and helps to preserve and protect relationships with your older children. 

You don't get a do over. You don't get this special time back again. 

Proper postpartum support heavily influences the type of memories that you'll have looking back on this time. ​

Hi, I'm Amy Marshall

I am a registered dietitian turned postpartum doula.

But I'm not your average postpartum doula!

I didn't find myself in postpartum work because everything went easy and smooth for me. I had a very challenging first postpartum but I created a peaceful and transformative experience with my second baby.  


Now I use the wisdom of generations of women around the world, back it up with scientific research and use mindset coaching, to help guide mothers and parents from a place of overwhelm and support, confidence and happiness.

I am a mother to two beautiful children and have found my motherhood journey to be the most intensely transformative time of my life. 

Postpartum Doula

How Was Your Last Postpartum Experience?


If you were like many mothers, it was a challenging experience for you.


That wasn't your fault though. As a society, we have forgotten how to support young families. 

If you don't have a postpartum plan set up ahead of your birth, you likely will not have the type of support that you need.

(The stats speak for themselves on that)

Not having a postpartum plan means:

- Everything will continue to fall onto your plate.

- You will not be able to rest and recover as you need.

- You may be stressed and not your best self with your children.

- You may feel disconnected and irritable with your partner.

- You may not heal well emotionally or physically after birth.

- You may find yourself not bonded well with your baby.

The Postpartum Peace Method guides you to create your own unique and individual postpartum plan so you have the support you need set up ahead of time.

Enrollment is Open Now
Here's How It Works


  • You'll have access to an online portal containing lessons presented in audio format.

  • The material includes downloadable worksheets and activities to deepen your learning and application of the information. 

  • Information is available on an app for convenient access.

  • Accessible from any computer, tablet or device.

  • Access to a private Facebook group with families just like yours for the 4 month duration program.

  • Access to me through the Facebook group as well through weekly live calls over zoom for 4 months.

Work at your own pace, on your own time, from the comfort of your own home...anywhere in the world!

You don't need a babysitter...pants or a bra!

(Now that's convenient!)

Here's What You'll Learn

Module 1: Creating Your Postpartum Plan


  • How mothers are supported in cultures around the world.

  • What a modern postpartum plan looks like in our culture.

  • How to create your own unique postpartum vision and plan.  

 Module 2: Managing Overwhelm


  • Understanding brain changes in pregnancy and postpartum.

  • Understanding what your needs are and why caring for yourself is critical. 

  • Practical strategies to slowing down within busy family life.

  • How to increase joy in the early months with your baby.

 Module 3: Maximizing Sleep


  • Understand the science of baby sleep. 

  • Learn how to help your newborn sleep.

  • How to cope with sleep disruptions. 

 Module 4: Optimizing Recovery


  • Learn about traditional postpartum food practices from around the world. 

  • Learn the foundational foods to nourish mothers and babies. 

  • What postpartum supplies you may consider having on hand to support recovery.

 Module 5: Supporting Your Older Child

  • See this transition from the perspective of your child

  • Explore ideas around help support children in this transition.

  • Hear strategies about managing daily life with a baby and older child.

 Module 6: Supporting Mother's Mental   Health

  • Learn about different mood disorders in pregnancy and postpartum. 

  • Understanding your mental health risk factors and how you can influence them. 

  • Learn ways to support yourself during this life stage, including resources. 

How Much Is the Time Commitment?


The Postpartum Peace Method is a self paced program where you do the lessons on your own time.

If you spend on average two hours a week learning and implementing this material, you’ll feel excited and ready for your upcoming postpartum within 8 weeks.

To deepen your understanding of the material and create change with your mindset and for accountability, I enjoy you to join the weekly coaching calls on Saturdays at 1PM CST.


You can use these for support calls once your baby arrives as well.


In less time than the average family spends planning for and decorating their baby’s will have created the blueprint for a supported, peaceful postpartum. One you’ll have lovely memories of! 

Bonus #1​

Module For Dads/Non-Birthing Partners


  • A special module developed specifically for fathers/non-birthing parents so they can better support their family by understanding the needs of the mother/birthing parent and their own needs. 

  • Mothers often struggle to communicate their needs or fully communicate what she needs to help with. 

  • Dads sometimes feel unclear around how to support their partner - especially if mom is breastfeeding and during the night. 

  • Dads have needs too - and if their needs are unmet, they are less able to care for the support other members of the family. 

  • Father experience rates of paternal postpartum depression at a rate of at least 1:10 which rises dramatically if their partner is struggling with their mental health.

  • This module facilitates important conversations and dialog between partners.






Bonus #2

Exclusive Recipe Book:

Nourishing Postpartum Recipes

  • An eBook of postpartum specific, nourishing recipes that helps pregnant mothers and support people stock the freezer and pantry with food they are confident will give them the right kind of fuel to grow a healthy baby and heal after birth. 

  • A beautiful recipe book with thirty delicious recipes easily adaptable to suit your taste preferences.

  • Available in eBook for download or print-friendly version as well.

  • Many families slide quickly into overwhelm after birth and food is one of the first parts of life that can be affected.

  • Limited postpartum food planning often leads to take-out, fast foods and survival type meals. That can lead to poor healing, feeling sluggish, low energy, mood swings and poor mood. 

  • You can use this recipe book to give people ideas when they ask what to bring you.

  • Includes some simple ideas of what to pack in your hospital bag to jump start your healing after birth and what you can make and eat with one hand. 

Scroll through to preview some of the recipes included below.

Copy of Available online or via the program app.png
Get Started and Enrol Today

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Instant and lifetime access to content 

$47 CAD

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Hotel Room with Pillows


Read the experiences of other intentional, dedicated parents who transformed their postpartum experience into a positive one.

Mother Holding Baby



Carly - Mom of two


The program help me  work through my mental blocks that stopped me from asking for help. It helped me feel like I am worthy of support.


It also helped me work on my urges to always be doing things and to enjoying the moments with my children.


I liked the journal exercises around creating a vision and intentions for this postpartum.

I found so much support and meeting other mothers who were going through a similar experience and hearing how they handle their postpartum. It was a very powerful and moving experience to hear all of their stories. It takes a village.


Amy’s gentle and supportive ways to challenge my way of thinking and the fact that she’s has gone through this as well, helped me to let go and open up to her.  




Jeff - Dad of three


Heading into this time I was worried about how to care for the older kids, help my wife, the baby and keep the house running. 

We enrolled in the program to give us tools to help with the postpartum life.  We agreed that we needed help developing a plan to take care of three kids

I am thankful for the lessons we learned because it empowered us to take action prior to our baby being born and helped us calm the chaos after she was born.




Geneviève - Mom of two


What I found most helpful in the program was the support I received from other parents.


I loved the online format of the program (especially during COVID times) and the guided exercises that Amy created in the program that I could complete at my own pace. 


The deep topics required time and compassion towards myself and this journey.  Some of the best advice and strategies to optimize my post-partum recovery came from this group of lovely people.

I found the support to make this second experience a more profound and positive one.  This was the best financial investment I made in the pregnancy and for myself.  I would do it again and I will be recommending this program to other parents.



Alexis - Mom of two


The program help me put my needs as top priority and rest compared with my last two babies. 


I went to a dentist appointment when my baby was 6 weeks old and she commented that I didn't even look tired for a mom of three with a newborn! 




Tabitha - Mother of three

If you are questioning taking this program DO IT!!  You will never regret working with Amy. 


The mindset work, the supportive community, the help with planning and's all so well organized. 


If you struggled the last time you NEED to check out this program.  It’ll change the whole dynamic of your life and your family.  Your kids and husband benefit too...not just mom!

What's Holding You Back?

You’re in charge of which way you are going to go. 

It's your choice, you can head into postpartum merely wishing that your postpartum will be different this time, understanding that the chances of that are not in your favour.

...That without a specific postpartum plan, you’ll wind up repeating the same exhaustion, overwhelm and chaos...maybe even worse since you have an older child. 


Or you can join this program that will help you create a better, more peaceful postpartum experience that you’ll actually enjoy. 

You can have good memories this time.

You can experience joy, peace and bliss with your baby.

You can have confidence and peace of mind, that life will continue to run without needing to direct every single piece of it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

❔ Is this program for first time parents too?

Yes, absolutely! This will give you a solid foundation for your first transition into becoming parents.

❔ I already have older kids, will this benefit me?

Yes, this program specifically addresses unique challenges of creating a restful and peaceful postpartum while caring for older children. 

❔ How long will this take to complete?

I suggest planning for 1-2 hours a week to listen to the lessons and complete the worksheets. Some participates complete this within a couple weeks and other take 8 weeks or longer. I encourage you to come to as many coaching calls as possible as well on Saturday afternoons. 

Still Have Questions?

If you still have doubts or questions about whether the Postpartum Peace Method is right for you, please send me an email to or use the contact for below and I will get back to you as soon as possible!

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