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The Postpartum Peace Method

Enjoy Life With Your Newborn

Postpartum Care Plan

The Peaceful Postpartum Path

The Peaceful Postpartum Path is a program that guides families to plan and prepare for their postpartum.


Rest and heal after birth, knowing there’s a plan to support the whole family.


The Peaceful Postpartum Path helps mothers enjoy the special early weeks with their baby.

Mindset Coach

Self Care For Moms

Enter Postpartum With Confidence

Get out of survival mode and start to thrive. 

  • Be the parent that you want to be in your pregnancy and postpartum.

  • Set a clear vision for your postpartum

  • Receive inspiration, guidance and support on making that plan a reality.

  • Learn how to support your older child or children through the transition of adding a family member.

  • Have a plan to navigate the sleep deprivation that comes with infants.

  • Allow space for rest, recovery and healing after birth.

  • Learn how to ensure your own needs are prioritized and met. 

  • Feel confident, secure, prepared, supported and excited going into this postpartum.

Postpartum Doula

How Does The Peaceful Postpartum Path Work?
  • The foundation of the program is a 9 module self-paced online program, including audio files and a workbook mailed directly to you

  • The course takes 4.5 hours to complete. Each lesson is about 20 minutes long. 

  • You’ll gain access to a private clients only Facebook group to connect with other mothers and birthing parents who are doing the same work.

  • Participate in a weekly virtual support circle to discuss what you are working on, ask for support and share in each other’s experiences and stories.

  • Access support from me through the Facebook group, email and weekly support circle.

  • Gain access to a resource library, including an exclusive clients-only recipe book with recipes specifically designed for postpartum nutrients needs.

Through this program you will:

  • Get clear on what you WANT for your postpartum

  • Learn what you need to DO to create that

  • Receive SUPPORT as you move through that process

Registered Dietitian

Self Care For Moms

Postpartum Care Plan

Book a Free Postpartum Planning Call

Get clarity on what you need to create a peaceful postpartum.

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