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Your Solution to the Dinner Dilemma

Are you struggling with meal planning, feeling stuck, and feeling stressed about cooking?

Do you feel like you’re spending all of your free time in the kitchen?

Are you dreading that eternal question “what’s for dinner”?

Are you spending more than you’d like to take out?

Are you worried you’re not feeling your family the foods they need to be healthy and vibrant?

Let's change that.

I’ve just launched a BRAND NEW program called FED.

FED is a simple, short and helpful program that teaches an effective strategy to help busy parents like you stress less, save time and find your kitchen groove again…without compromising on nutrition for your family.

Imagine spending less time stressing about meals and more time enjoying precious moments with your family, especially during the holidays.

Included in the program:

  • Six short audio lessons that at less than five minutes each, delivered directly to your inbox.

    • These lessons teach a system for simplifying food in your home

  • Resources and templates to make life easier for you

  • Recipe book

    • 50 fast, easy and delicious recipes

    • 10 breakfast, 10 lunch and 30 dinner

    • 6 ingredients or less (most are five or less)

    • Can be made in 30 minutes or less

Ready to save time in the kitchen and money on takeout? Take the leap - this program costs less than the average family spends on one take out meal.

Join us NOW until Saturday, Dec 16th, and a bonus free recipe book.

This mini recipe book contains TEN holiday recipes with FIVE ingredients or less.



Your Dietitian Doula

P.S. - On the fence? Here are some testimonials.

“Yesterday I cooked dinner in the crock pot and it was ready when the kids got home, so we had spare time after dinner. We got to go outside as a family and have fun! This felt so great." - D from BC

"Brilliant - Thank you SO much! This is exactly what I needed. The resources you created are excellent and I am excited and relieved to have access to this. You've really alleviated a lot of my stress." - M from Manitoba

“This alleviated a lot of stress and helped me get motivated and creative in meal planning. I will be recommending this program to other parents!” - G from Ontario


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